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FIRST CONVERSATION: A: May I get you anything to drink? B: Yes, please. May I get a glass of lemonade? A: Would you like an appetizer? B: May I get an order of barbeque wings? A: Sure, would you like anything else? B: That'll be fine for now, thank you. A: Tell me when you want to order the rest of your food. B: Excuse me. I'm ready to order. A: What would you like? B: Let me have the baby-back ribs. A: Sure, will there be anything else that I can get you? B: That will be it for now. SECOND CONVERSATION: A: George, how is your chicken? B: My chicken tastes all right, but it is pretty dry. How is your fish? A: My fish is pretty dry too. B: It's almost as if this food has been sitting a little too long. It doesn't seem fresh. A: Yes, it seems that way to me also. B: How are your vegetables? A: My vegetables are very soggy. B: Mine are the same way. It seems like they've been overcooked. A: I don't usually complain, but I think that we should mention this to the waiter. B: I agree. Maybe they can bring us some better food.

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