¿How CREATIVE are you?

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Discover your creativity level to develop your potential.

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1)  There is a group of diverse women, which one are you?

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2)  You have a problem you cannot solve, what do you do?

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3)  A friend invites you to a new crafting workshop, how do you respond?

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4)  You see an incredible crochet instant download pattern, what do you do?

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5)  You`ve got a sufficient budget to decorate your new home, what phrase represents you better?

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6)  You want to make a handmade gift to a loved one, what do you do?

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7)  You offer to organize and pay for your best friend`s babyshower even though you have a low budget, what do you do?

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8)  You are invited to a costume party in the last minute, what do you do?


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